Over 1000 Reclaims

Image courtesy of Conejo Through the Lens, Thousand Oaks Library.

Today Reclaim Hosting went over the 1000 reclaimers mark. That’s right, in the last six months more than 1000 people choose to explore reclaiming their online presence through a system that Tim “the Wizard” Owens built into one hell of a hosting service. We’ve kept it as cheap as possible without running at a loss, while at the same time providing top-notch hosting and support to K-12 and higher education institutions all over North America.

Given how successful and rewarding the first six months have been, we’re committing to run the service beyond the initial year-long pilot. Over the next few weeks we’ll be introducing a set of affordable packages for both individuals and institutions so that anyone can get up and running on Reclaim Hosting in no time.

It’s been a lot of fun dreaming  alongside Tim about the possibilities of Reclaim Hosting. We’re committed to the vision of using this service to enagage and foster the discourse of personal empowerment and community development through education when in comes to all things online. That’s what Reclaim Hosting is, and that’s what it will be.

We’ve got the hosting and support parts down pretty well. So now we’re starting to develop out ideas and possibilities for incorporating a robust community presence that will help transform what is now a series of one-off sites into a “neighborhood” of educators and students exploring and interrogating their online presence together.

What’s more, we are still hoping to team up with Audrey Watters and Kin Lane to start realizing the vision behind “Reclaim Your Domain” as an extension of the Reclaim Hosting environment. Not just commodity hosting, but a space to synch, archive, and own your social presence around the web, while at the same time developing crucial web literacy skills. I’m very much looking forward to travelling to Atlanta in less than two weeks to the rescheduled Domain Incubator so that we can continue to push the reclaim education agenda forward 🙂

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