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Reclaiming Open with WordPress

Instead of/ in parallel with #deletefacebook, how about #createonopenweb? Promote activities that are not "alternatives to Facebook" but contributions to the open web? @jimgroom@cogdog @mizuko @davewiner @timbe — (((Howard Rheingold))) (@hrheingold) March 26, 2018 I woke up to a few … Continue reading

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A Subdomain of One’s Own (with potential!)

The following screencast by Michael McGarry Chris Mattia provides an introduction to CI Keys platform, illustrating how to get up and running with your web hosting account in seconds. It’s pretty awesome, watch the first minute or two, your mind may very … Continue reading

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Catching Up with Reclaim Hosting

In episode 106 of Digital Campus (a.k.a dc106-coincidence? I think not) the director of the Roy Rosensweig Center for History and New Media, Stephen Robertson, gives a shout out to Reclaim Hosting suggesting how “absurdly easy” it is for students … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Innovation

Yesterday the online version of the EDUCAUSE Review article Brian Lamb and I co-authored went live on the web. I’m really blown away by how much time and energy the good folks at EDUCAUSE Review spent on the web presentation. It looks … Continue reading

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Tilde as Approximation

This symbol (in English) sometimes means “approximately”, such as: “~30 minutes ago” meaning “approximately 30 minutes ago”. It can mean “similar to”, including “of the same order of magnitude as”, such as: “x ~ y” meaning that x and y are of the same order of magnitude. Another approximation symbol is ?, meaning “approximately … Continue reading

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Over 1000 Reclaims

Today Reclaim Hosting went over the 1000 reclaimers mark. That’s right, in the last six months more than 1000 people choose to explore reclaiming their online presence through a system that Tim “the Wizard” Owens built into one hell of a … Continue reading

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TIny Tiny RSS

It’s taken me more than six months to resurrect my RSS reader (pathetic, I know), but I’ve finally imported my forlorn collection of feeds into the open source application Tiny Tiny RSS. I went with this application based on a recommendation … Continue reading

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UMW Domains a Win for Open

Audrey Watters has been on an all-out tear over at Hack Education as she wraps up the year in edtech. Few, if any, in the field are sharper, more concise, and resolutely independent of the institutional and corporate entanglements that … Continue reading

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Davidson Domains

Davidson College just announced they were awarded a Mellon Grant “to create a curricular model of digital studies that can be replicated by other small liberal arts colleges.” Pat Sellers coordinated the grant and Mark Sample will be the lead for developing the … Continue reading

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Shuttleworth Flash Update

This Summer I got a Shuttleworth Foundation flash grant thanks to David Wiley‘s recommendation.  I’ve blogged about what I’ve done as part of the grant over the last several months, but I wanted to summarize it all here. Reclaim Hosting Domain … Continue reading

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