OWLTEH’s Learning on the Open Web Event

Blade Runner: Owl Eyes

On the 25th of next month I’ll be attending Open Web for Learning and Teaching Expertise Hub (OWLTEH) conference dedicated to“Learning on/with the Open Web” in Coventry. And if you frequent those parts and are interested in exploring approaches to the open web in higher ed this could be your lucky day. I’ll be co-facilitating a workshop on SPLOTs and  exploring the future of ed-tech infrastructure, and that’s just  taste. The event was strategically scheduled as a lead-up to Mozfest (which will take place in London on the 26th and 27th) and we’re hoping folks who attend Mozfest considering making the trip to Coventry.

 Six of One Website from the 90s

And as a bonus, we are planning a 1990s web exhibit as part of the conference.

When Daniel Villar-Onrubio, Lauren Haywood, and myself first start talking about this event we saw it as a follow-up on various programs they have run at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab as well as bring a bit of the Domains 2017 conference to the U.K. If you are interested in exploring a range of open practices and tools to help faculty and students create their own teaching and learning spaces on the web, then this will definitely be worth your time . I would personally love to talk to any and everyone interested in learning more about Domain of One’s Own, SPLOTs, the future of ed-tech infrastructure, etc. and the best part of it all is that is free, as in FREEDOM 🙂  A quick, one-day event in Coventry on October 25th, the eve of Mozfest, to get the open web juices flowing. I’ll be writing more about this as the schedule solidifies in order to further entice you, dear reader, but consider this a “save the date” post. I’ll apply that gold old  bava charm anon to ensure you join us.

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