People like us…

“We don’t want freedom!
We don’t want justice!
We just want someone to love.”

This musical interlude featuring the inimitable John Goodman in a scene from David Bryne’s True Stories brought to you with very special thanks to Carole Garmon’s Video Art class blog.

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3 Responses to People like us…

  1. cgar says:

    Thanks Bavatuesday! We are looking at how video impacted pop music. How great is David Byrne? We’ll be watching some works by Michel Gondry as well.

  2. Keira says:

    Puts me in the mood for a viewing of Nashville. Henry Gibson’s songs at the Grand Ole Opry are amongst my favourite cinematic moments.

  3. jimgroom says:

    @cgar: I’m your number one fan. [Cue axe and blowtorch.] 🙂

    @Keira: people like us, people like us. Speaking of which, people like us might be able to hang out in the real at some point in February, so this means we might have to go to an old, vintage theater in Vancouver. I don’t care if Ice Castles is playing –I want to sit in a Canadian theater that was built before 1950. Is that possible?

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