Playing with Community Edition of Ant Media Server

This morning I played with the Community Edition of the Ant Media using Digital Ocean’s Marketplace image for this media streaming software.

Digital Ocean’s success emails provide guide and advice to get folks up and running with their app of choice.

I ran it on an AMD 8 GB droplet with 250 GB block storage, but after some testing the stream was fairly latent. Not sure if this is because it’s a free version of the software or if I need a CPU-intensive Droplet, but going to move it to Reclaim Cloud shortly to see if I can increase resources to deal with latency issues.

One of the key things learned while playing around today was that I needed to setup SSL on the Ant Media server in order to get the iframe for the stream to work. I realized this as a result of the stream returning an invalid response from the iframe.

How to Enable SSL Certificate for Your Ant Media Server with 1 Command?

Luckily, this Stackoverflow thread led me to the solution and after following the steps in this useful guide I was able to embed the iframe Ant Media without issue within a simple html page at

I’ll be continuing to play with Ant Media, and create a proper guide for installing on Reclaim Cloud, as well as figure out a one-click installer. A Stream of Your Own is just a click away 🙂

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2 Responses to Playing with Community Edition of Ant Media Server

  1. Tim Owens says:

    Unfortunately it’s a “feature” of the community edition that they limit it to 8-12 seconds latency whereas paid versions promise .5 seconds end to end (still a pretty lofty goal given we run the paid version for and I’ve never gotten the latency that low). Geographical location between your streamer and the server will make some difference as well, but it’s definitely an artificial limitation added by the software to promote upgrades.

    • Reverend says:

      That’s a bummer, was hoping it was not the case, so how do you get the stream not to freeze and load? I have been running into that with for some of my VHS broadcasts, and was thinking what does a VHS pirate need to do to get some high quality stream around here? 🙂

      At what point can you get a fast stream, or is that probably some kind of Kubernetes Cluster deal?

      I think I need to check out OwnStream this week, tried the one-click app in Digital ocean, but that was a no go, so it’s TO THE RECLAIM CLOUD all day long!

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