Quick-fix for Headphones Bug for XP on MacBook Pro

headphones.jpg As Mikhail pointed out to me, when you have the headphones plugged in on the the MAcBook Pro in XP the built-in speakers still play sound. For a quick-fix to this problem intel has released a program that re-routes all the sound to the headphone jack. The only trade off is no built-in speaker functionality. I figured this works well as a temporary solution until bootcamp fixes this bug. If interested, here is the link to the fix.

Update: Mikhail just found a fix on the apple discusssion board that gets both the headphones and built-in speakers to work. Click here.

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2 Responses to Quick-fix for Headphones Bug for XP on MacBook Pro

  1. Ed Preston says:

    Thank you for the link to this post. The information helped me fix mine too.

  2. jimgroom says:

    Great Ed, it is pretty cool MacBook Proing – ain’t it?!

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