Reclaim Support for December 2015

I’ve written about Reclaim Hosting‘s stellar support a couple of times already, and out of curiosity I took a quick look at our support statistics for December. Our average response time to new tickets during August, September, and October was 7 minutes, and there were 1290 support tickets, which averages out to 430 tickets a month. At the very beginning of the Fall 2015 semester (mid-August to mid-September) we had an 8 minute response rate for 365 tickets. In December we had 348 tickets with an average response rate of 6 minutes.

Screenshot 2016-01-05 14.49.22

348 new conversations, or tickets wherein someone is asking for support

Screenshot 2016-01-05 14.49.10

6 media median first response time to new tickets

I was surprised that we had almost as many tickets at the beginning of the semester as we did at the end. We really didn’t slow down that much in December until the holidays hit. I think the fact that I start my working day at roughly 2 or 3 AM for the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. might be making a difference in how long overnight tickets go unattended. It also provides early morning support for the European Reclaimers. I am guessing this might have something to do with the improved response time because I want to take credit, but Tim “The Machine” Owens responded to half of all the tickets in December. So, I think I know what my New Year’s resolution will be: rule the Reclaim support leaderboard 🙂

But even if I fail, which I very well may given the competition, one thing remains certain: we live and die by our support of faculty, students and staff. What’s more, we have no intention of letting that slip in 2016.

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