Reclaiming WordPress for Lynda

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Yesterday Tim blogged about the Lynda course “WordPress in the Classroom” by Chris Mattia that takes faculty through setting up a course using WordPress. Mattia created the site through an example institution on Reclaim Hosting Tim created called State U. What’s cool about that is not only does it serve as a resource for anyone using Reclaim Hosting, but it also demonstrates how slick our hosting environment has become.

Reclaim Hosting's examples institution site: State U

Reclaim Hosting’s examples institution site: State U

What I’m most excited about with this tutorial is the fact that Chris spends some time breaking down how to use FeedWordPress to feed in student sites, as well as how to subscribe to them.  This has been a long time coming, and Chris explains it beautifully.

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The other element I like is that the course setup is broken down into manageable chunks, and I could really imagine setting a faculty member loose on this to try it out, and then following up with pointed questions.

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2 Responses to Reclaiming WordPress for Lynda

  1. Chris Holden says:

    The linked course about WordPress looks like a really great resource for educators and education IT folks. Maybe I’m missing something, but Lynda feels antithetical to the ideals of Reclaim and the actual content though: a tutorial to use open resources to restructure education. Is this information shared elsewhere?

  2. Reverend says:


    There are all kinds of tutorial resources around Reclaim. We have some here. Emory has some great docs here. Oklahoma has some here. Chris Mattia made these videos for faculty who want to use WordPress to re-frame their courses around a syndication hub. I wish I would have the time and energy to do that and make it openly available, because it is necessary and useful. Then again, time is a rare commodity when it comes to good documentation like this. I hope we have the resources to do this more effectively as part of Reclaim’s general presence, but until we can pay folks to do it it takes a village 🙂

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