Rorschach’s EdTech Journal 2-10-10

There is a new edtech superhero, and he’s watching every one of you!

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11 Responses to Rorschach’s EdTech Journal 2-10-10

  1. Mikhail says:

    Genius. Though you look a bit like the child of Peter Criss and The Incredible Hulk as Rorschach in the forthcoming sequel to Watchmen.

  2. Reverend says:

    Did you just mention Peter Criss on the bava? Very nice. Yeah, the makeup guy got sick, sO I had to forge on all alone, and I’ll remember this smart ass comment commie.


  3. Shannon says:

    You are an artist Jim 🙂
    PS Do I get no credit for finding the mask idea? Sheesh.

    • Reverend says:

      You did find the mask instructions on the web, unfortunately I couldn’t use them cause my marker wouldn’t imprint, so I just colored tights. Though you should get credit for the tights. Why are you always dogging me about credit? I’m a solitary artist, this stuff happens in a vacuum, don’t you know that?

  4. Shannon says:

    What is that famous quote? “Bad artists imitate, the great artists steal”.
    Guess you must be a great artist 🙂

  5. Reverend says:

    All right, damn it, gimme the link to your discovery so I can hat tip you. And now all I have to do is pay Joe Calpin his money, and I am out from under the DTLT student aide posse that dogs me so.

    I’m an artist damn it, I don;t have time for this.

  6. Genius! I think every conference should have a Rorschach presentation. AHA, MLA, Congress, the United Nations. Time to start consulting, your Bavaness.

  7. Jared Stein says:

    This is as good as it gets!

    “There can BE NO COMPROMISE!”

  8. Cole says:

    Insane. Amazing. WTF.

    Go get them, Bava … unless of course you were talking to me in which case I have a joke to tell you.

  9. Agent 19 says:

    Nice hat.

    Well done, Agent Rorschach, you are carrying out the mission like few care or can, a model you are to protocol B39.

    You shall be justly rewarded… by the action of those that join the revolution.

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