A Fassbinder Fix

For some reason I started thinking about Ranier Werner Fassbinder films this evening. I had nothing on tap, so I went to YouTube and got a different kind of experience—interviews. I love this one he gives about what Berlin Alexanderplatz has to say about contemporary Gemany in the 1970s:

And this interview is crazy, it’s like the interviewer is psychoanalyzing Fassbinder, and rather than being outraged at the personal nature of the questions, he simply struggles with answering him. A kind of guarded honesty you rarely see in interviews any more.

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2 Responses to A Fassbinder Fix

  1. pete naegele says:

    Fassbinder always makes me think of Laurie Anderson….


  2. Ed Webb says:

    The drive to tell stories is part of the essence of humanity, I’m certain.

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