Snakepliskens remix

I got my first video response on YouTube today, and it is a pretty cool feeling. Much has been said about how bad the commentary can be on YouTube, and I tend to agree though I have had better luck than most. That said, the real genius of YouTube is in the video response feature, and I got a taste of it today.

Vproducerofbeats from Brisbane Australia took the audio from an Escape from New York clip I posted and remixed it into an amazing beat. What I really like about his re-mixes is that he actually takes a video recording of himself in the process of playing the re-mix with a contraption that I don’t fully understand, but dig nonetheless. Kudos to the creative genius of Vproducerof beats, and long live Snake Pliskens!

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5 Responses to Snakepliskens remix

  1. Scott Leslie says:

    Yeah that response definitely rates better than most on Youtube. He’s playing a sampler. Get yourself one, Tons o’ fun, and truly all other forms of non-linear editing/remixing seem kludgy once you’ve played with one of these.

  2. Brian says:

    Most groovy all round.

    Man, I’d like to get me one of those machines.

  3. Scott Leslie says:

    You can find older ones on eBay for not too much cash, cf Given the software package you use already, though, you might be better looking for a midi controller. You can get the same style as this, except with just the controller, new, for a few hundred bucks.

  4. Dave VHS says:

    Haha sick! Many thanks for the props even if it took me 14yrs to stumble across it on a Google search!

    The machine was an Akai MPC2500

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