Soundhax for 3DS

Back in August I wrote a post about bypassing region-lock for the 3DS using a browser hack for the 3DS developed by Smea. It worked well, you loaded the Homebrew Starter kit  (find it here)on an SD card, which in turn was triggered when loading a specific URL in the 3DS browser (hence the name 3dsbrowserhax). Not only did this allow you to unlock your 3Ds to play region free games, but you could also load  old gold ports of games like Doom, Portal, Quake and DukeNuke Em.


That worked well for a while, but as soon as you update the firmware on your 3DS, all bets are off. Updates often include patches for these hacks, and the cat and mouse game of trying to play the games you bought on the device they were designed for goes on.  So, I updated the firmware back in November of December, and the European games we bought for the 3DS were bricked. I’ve had returning to this on my list of things to do in December, but turns out the firmware version we were on (11.2.0-35) had not yet been hacked. Some folks had left some comments on my previous blog post asking if I knew of any fixes given they were in a similar jam. Last month an anonymous commenter noted there was a new hack for the 3DS called Soundhax, and we should check it out. I finally got around to it today, and it worked beautifully. You can find the guide here. They are using the 3DS Sound application to load Homebrew, and the genius of this hack is that you don’t need internet access to load it as was the case with browserhax. It seems to be supported through firmware 11.3, but I’ll be testing that shortly.

In fact, Miles was watching me prepare Soundhax on the SD card and try it out, and I think he wants to do a quick howto video in Italian for his Youtube channel (and maybe even one with me in English). That would be fun, and who knows, maybe folks will “like and subscribe for more…”

Update 3/22/17: I tested this on latest firmware ( and it still works swimmingly.

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7 Responses to Soundhax for 3DS

  1. Jim, while reading your post I had a flashback. Once upon a time I used to hack DVDs so to break the region code and the PAL-NTSC setting. I had a lot of fun with a huge external DVD drive, and I discovered (through endless forums) that most of the time I only had to edit a tiny file in each DVD (which of course had to be ripped onto my hard drive) that encoded the PAL-NTSC setting. Then it sufficed to record back everything onto a fresh DVD. WOW! Then I bought a Philips DVD player for which a hack could be used by pushing keys on the remote and the region code was gone. Voilá! The good times.

    Hey, without all these unreasonable impediments we wouldn’t have fun!

    • Reverend says:

      Agreed, the impediments are fun. I am planning on buying a new router sometime soon to start pushing my VPN use to the next level. That should be fun, I want to be region-free in everything!!!

  2. David says:

    What exactly is your definition of ‘many’ when you say ‘many times’?

  3. Jayvee says:

    Hey Jim!

    so you have to open homebrew everytime you play the out of the region game? how about the save files? you can still play where you last saved? right? right?

    • Reverend says:


      Good questions, experience we have been opening Homebrew every time, but folks may have figured out how not to, I would check around. As for saving games, that works fine.

  4. Tonje Bekken says:

    Hi guys! Does this still work? We have an issue with a US bought device while living in Europe…

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