Spider-man 1967, Episode 6

Here’s the sixth installation of Marvel’s weekly releases of the 1967 Spider-man. It’s remarkable that it took six weeks to get to the Green Goblin, you would think he would be top billing. But I’m not complaining for he was always my least favorite of the super-villains.

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3 Responses to Spider-man 1967, Episode 6

  1. Batman swings, man, swings.

  2. Tad Suiter says:

    As much fun as these are, I just wish they’d put out a DVD of the old ’66 Marvel Super Heroes show. They used to rerun it on weekends in Cincinnati when I was a kid, and I’d watch it when visiting family there. The animation’s, well, barely animation, but the source material were from the Masters of the early days at Marvel. Even today, when I hear those theme songs, I smile…

  3. Tad Suiter says:

    Forgot there’s no embedded media in comments…

    “When Captain America throws his mighty shield…”

    “‘Cross the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard…”

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