SXSW, Zombies, and EDUPUNK

SXSW Zombie/Edupunk Interview #2 from Tom Woodward on Vimeo.

I’m thrilled to see the great Tom Woodward is uploading the interviews he did with random folks at SXSW about EDUPUNK and zombies. They’re a blast, and it’s awesome to finally see them. It’s also refreshing to see that no one at the EDUPUNK SXSW panel actually knew anything about EDUPUNK, despite how “viral” it seemed to have become. Just goes to show how small our little corner of the internet truly is. Anyway, I’m excited to watch these short clips, many of which will be for the first time. I think we will ultimately try to make something out of all the footage collected, but until then check out the clips as they come in with the RSS feed, and be sure to find out more about quantum physics zombies here.

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2 Responses to SXSW, Zombies, and EDUPUNK

  1. Scott Leslie says:

    Tom, I love the quality of the video (as well as the videos themselves) – I’m assuming you’re reading Jims post, if so, what did you use to shoot these?

  2. Tom says:


    They were shot with the Canon 5D MKII. The sound pretty much sucks (especially if things are noisy) but the video is oh so pretty. I’ve got a Canon XH-A1 through work as well but would much rather shoot with the 5D.

    Someday I’ll convince someone to buy me this kit for it and then I’ll just pretend I’m in the movie business.

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