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Armored Car

Another animated GIF from Criss Cross, this one of Burt Lancaster driving the armored car which he will soon play a part in robbing. One of the coolest elements of Criss Cross is the idea of how impossible it is … Continue reading

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Criss Cross: Sharpening Her Nails

I think the noir animated GIFs this semester are going to be fun! This GIF features Anna Dundee (played by Yvonne DeCarlo) sharpening her nails in Robert Siodomak’s 1948 noir Criss Cross, a film wherein Burt Lancaster reprises his role … Continue reading

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The Killers Animated GIF: Headlights

This is the opening scene from Robert Siodomak’s 1946 noir classic The Killers, which is an extrapolation of Ernest Hemingway’s short story by the same name. That’s part of why Hemingway starts off the hardboiled course, and this film is … Continue reading

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Criss Cross – Dancing at the Round-About

I’m a fan of Richard Siodmak noirs, particularly The Killers (1946) and Criss Cross (1949), and recently I was talking about the dance scene from Criss Cross at the Round-Up club, which for me is one of the most compelling … Continue reading

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