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Hosting Futures

Today I learned about Qubes https://t.co/EK9R8V4Mqj which is run through HubZero https://t.co/KJY9Vf97Tj which this tweet is a reminder for me to blog about. A good look at what the future of both communities and hosting may look like. — Jim … Continue reading

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Reclaiming WordPress Multisite

Lauren Brumfield already announced that we’re officially rolling out WordPress Multisite (WPMS) hosting at Reclaim. What’s more, she created an online calculator that provides transparent pricing going forward, which is a big part of why we’re finally announcing something we … Continue reading

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Hosting VCU’s Ram Pages

Reclaim Hosting has been hosting VCU’s Ram Pages as of the beginning of the Spring semester. It reinforces for me there is nothing Tim Owens can’t do, another yet another example of the powerful ripple effects of #ds106 on edtech. We’ve been … Continue reading

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