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Missing MySQL Extension

In fact, the full error I received when trying to upgrade my WordPress instance running on Centos 7 in a Digital Ocean droplet was the following: Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by … Continue reading

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Deleting old MySQL tables across blogs and databases in WPMu

OK, so this will probably be the final installment of my “pimp your WPMu databases” series 🙂 Part one was moving from WPMuDEV’s Multi-DB package to SharDB; part two dealt with optimizing tables across a number of databases in MySQL, … Continue reading

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Changing the Oil on a Multi-Database WPMu Install

And to build on my last post about Moving from Multi-DB to SharDB on WPMu, here is a rundown on some of the work done to further optimize the multiple-databases for our WPMu at UMW Blogs. First off, we have … Continue reading

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WPMu Multi-DB Tutorial

Sooner or later we had to do it on UMW Blogs, and over a week ago we made the jump to a multi-database setup for our WordPress Multi-User environment. We have a subscription to the WPMu Dev Premium service, which … Continue reading

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activeCollab, an open source Basecamp

I recently discovered an open source project management tool, activeCollab, from Brian Lamb’s del.icio.us feed. As usual, when I follow a breadcrumb at Abject Learning I am not disappointed. UMW’s Department of Information technology has been using Basecamp sporadically for … Continue reading

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