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WPMu Multi-DB Tutorial

Sooner or later we had to do it on UMW Blogs, and over a week ago we made the jump to a multi-database setup for our WordPress Multi-User environment. We have a subscription to the WPMu Dev Premium service, which … Continue reading

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A domain of one’s own

It was recently announced by Mary Washington’s new president that the next academic year (2009/2010) will be “The Year of the Digital Campus” at UMW. While I think we are uniquely positioned to make the most of this idea, I … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs has its first mapped (sub)domain

I have blogged regularly about mapping domains on WordPress Mulit-User for over a year now.  And it is with great pleasure that I announce the first instance of a mapped domain on UMW Blogs (which is actually a mapped subdomain).  … Continue reading

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WPMu Domain Mapping Plugin on CPanel

Well, I have written a bunch about domain mapping on WPMu over the last year or so. Up and until tonight I have been using Richard Bui’s tutorial here along with David Dean’s Multi-Site Manager Plugin. The combination of the … Continue reading

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All Kinds of Domain Mapping with WPMu

So the last two days have been a lot of fun, I have been mapping all the domains I currently have to one WordPress Multi-User installation, and I’m glad to say it has worked like a charm (you can find … Continue reading

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Porting bavatuesdays to a mapped domain on WPMu

I have spent the last few days porting a stand alone WordPress blog with over 800 blog posts, 75 videos, countless images, and PHP executed in several posts (not to mention the over 35 plugins) to a mapped domain on … Continue reading

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bavatuesdays on WPMu

After far too long, I finally ported bavatuesdays over to my WPMu installation using the mapped domains hack. It wasn’t as painless as I would have liked because I have no understanding of MySQL, but despite my dearth of knowledge … Continue reading

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