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Six Years of Stats on UMW Blogs

Today is the first time in ten years I will not be beginning a semester at UMW —and that number is 20 years if you count CUNY and UCLA. I’ve spent a long, long time in higher ed, and I’ve always been a fan … Continue reading

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Tracking Over Four Years of Traffic on UMW Blogs

I’m working on presentation about assessment on another front, and as an excuse for a break I decided to post some recent UMW Blogs traffic statistics from the last four years. I know analytics and data is all the rage … Continue reading

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Rambo Kills

The other day in our Domain of One’s Own faculty initaitive cohort we were talking about embedding media in a blog, and one of the faculty pointed us to the site infogr.am, and while looking for an example to embed … Continue reading

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ds106 Wants Your Stats

…or Stats: the forbidden love!!! Props go to Martha Burtis for putting this together, and we are trying to get a sense of what is happening out there without pretending to be exact or suggesting we can formulate some greater … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs: Traffic over last 9 months

The tale of the tape, 1.6 million page views over the last nine moths, with over 600,000 visitors and 400,000 unique visits. I still don’t know how to parse this data effectively, but I agree with David Wiley that making … Continue reading

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