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Towards Open: Counter (Data) Surveillance

I had an amazing two weeks in the UK and Ireland, and this post is one of many that will try t0 chronicle and make sense of my time. I am not necessarily going chronologically. Rather, I will be picking several … Continue reading

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Re-ordering Pizza in 2015

Back in early June of this year I had the good fortune of listening to Phil Windley talking about digital identity, sovereign source identity, block chain, and much more at BYU’s The University API event. I deeply respect the caliber … Continue reading

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Ordering a Pizza in 2015

In 2004 the ACLU framed a biting critique of the uncontrolled collection of personal data on the web by imagining what ordering a pizza in 2015 might look like. It had a bit of a revival last year, and it … Continue reading

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I saw this tweet by Brian Lamb yesterday: Some useful articles, but why oh why do the Guardian and the smart people writing here call it “Extreme Learning”? http://t.co/XOwTokQVy9 — Brian Lamb (@brlamb) March 26, 2014 And I followed the … Continue reading

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Rambo Kills

The other day in our Domain of One’s Own faculty initaitive cohort we were talking about embedding media in a blog, and one of the faculty pointed us to the site infogr.am, and while looking for an example to embed … Continue reading

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