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Set UMW Blogs Right to Ludicrous Speed

UMW Blogs was feeling its age this Spring (it officially turned ten this month—crazy!) and we got a few reports from the folks at DTLT that performance was increasingly becoming an issue. Since 2014 the site had been hosted on … Continue reading

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Notes on WHM: Converting Addon Domain to cPanel Account

I recently learned about a feature of WHM (the system used to manage a cPanel server) that has been quite useful. WHM has a tool that allows you to convert an Addon domain from an existing cPanel account into its own … Continue reading

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A WHMCS Invalid Token Error and the glory of blogging

I woke up this morning to find that our WHMCS portal for Reclaim Hosting was having some issues. WHMCS is software that enables you to manage the business of cPanel, effectively provisioning, invoicing, billing, renewing, etc. without it people can’t … Continue reading

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As Easy as Setting Up a Minecraft Server

I was asked yesterday if we host Minecraft servers at Reclaim Hosting, to which I responded no. One of the great strengths of Reclaim has been it’s laser focus (provide awesome shared hosting environments) and managed growth (saying no, remaining lean, and keeping … Continue reading

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Changing Storage Quota for cPanel Accounts

This is a quick and easy tutorial for changing storage space quotas on specific cPanel accounts, perfect for a rainy Sunday morning. I often get this question from someone managing a Domain of One’s Own initiative that needs to modify an … Continue reading

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“Anything is Possible in Linux”

I was doing a major migration of various sites for Gary Stanton, a Historic Preservation professor I worked with on and off for a decade at the University of Mary Washington. About the same time I was leaving he was retiring, … Continue reading

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Using Rsync to transfer files between servers

We’ve been getting a lot of migration requests from folks who want to moving their existing accounts over to Reclaim Hosting. We offer to migrate over anyone’s hosting account for free, which means you get to see the inner workings of … Continue reading

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XML-RPC Blocking using htaccess

Blog posts about WordPress on the bava in conversation with the great D’Arcy Norman? Party like it’s 2008! @jimgroom I’d love to see how you fixed the xmlrpc thing. blog post on htaccess etc…? — D’Arcy Norman (@dlnorman) July 30, … Continue reading

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Don’t get on the bava blacklist

In my last post I mentioned I was doing some sysadmin work for UMW Domains and UMW Blogs, as well as Reclaim Hosting—although Tim gives me only so much room to hang myself when it comes to Reclaim 🙂 One of the main … Continue reading

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Changing File Permissions for a cPanel User

As I am getting my feet wet with more and more sysadmin stuff, which is pretty fun for me, I’m gonna take a second and record the tricks that I know are going to be useful long term, like the … Continue reading

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