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Discourse in the Reclaim Cloud

What’s old is new again. In 2015 I wrote about Reclaim Hosting experimenting with the next-generation forum software Discourse using a multi-user Docker setup. We use Discourse for Reclaim’s Community forums and I’ve grown to love the software.* What’s more, … Continue reading

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Restarting a Discourse Container

We have a server that runs a kind of multisite Discourse environment that I discussed a number of years ago in this post. It is an Ubuntu server with Docker installed, and each of the Discourse instances on that server … Continue reading

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Digital Ocean’s One-Click Apps vs. Cloudron

Digital Ocean has been en fuego as of late. They announced a whole bunch of new droplet plans, and the price-point for all of them has gone down. This is very good news for Reclaim Hosting because it gives us … Continue reading

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Discourse(s) on Docker

One of the things Tim built a while ago is a server running multiple instances of the forum software Discourse using Docker. He did this because we’re getting more and more interest at Reclaim Hosting for this forum software. As usual, Tim … Continue reading

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Duke University’s CIT Showcase, 2009

I’ll be posting the video and some more commentary of the “Magic Trick Talk” I did last week at Duke when it’s available, although I’m a bit nervous about it because I am under the illusion the talk went well … Continue reading

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bavacon or: How Blog Branding Ate My Soul

Image credit: “Pittsburgh Comicon” by RL Johnson. Let me be frank here, I love the bava, I do, I love the little fucker. And I pretty much say whatever I want on it, and really could care less about the … Continue reading

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Wonder Twins activate, form of “Write To Reply”

I just wanted to applaud Tony Hirst and Joss Winn for the amazing work they are doing with Write to Reply. These two British cats did nothing short of re-imagine the possibilities for an open, accessible discourse around documents that … Continue reading

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What is an instructional technologist?

Yesterday I was asked by a good friend and mentor the following question: “What’s next?” And it made me stop and think, I guess since I don’t have a Ph.D. and I’m in “IT” I should be thinking about an … Continue reading

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Reading Capital, Part 3: Forums vs. Discourse

World Forum 1 image courtesy of Dunechaser. This part of the Reading Capital discussion framework looks at the Reading Capital Forums (powered by bbPress) and a feature called Discourse which is the theme Prologue for WordPress blogs that offers a … Continue reading

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