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Same Old Drupal

I was fielding a ticket today for someone who was having a couple of issues with Drupal 8 after install, namely they were getting a Trusted Host Settings errorHere is the full error that shows up in the admin area: … Continue reading

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Tag Feeds for a variety of Blogging Platforms

I have been syndicating in new blogs for ds106 over the last two weeks, and it’s cool to see such a wide variety of platforms syndicating cleanly into the ds106 site. As of now I count seven six different platforms: … Continue reading

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Syndicatin’ Welfare: UMW Blogs’ Syndication Framework on the Cheap

Can you you feel the bass and guitar kick in, and hear the tempo surely rise? I knew that you could! I know that it’s evil I know that it’s got to be I know I ain’t doing much Doing … Continue reading

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When Garfield dies, people read!

Here is a wild example of how writing out in the open can lead to crazy things, like, for example, being read by a whole lot of people. This past weekend I read this post about an existential Garfield strip … Continue reading

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The Design of Openness

Photo thanks to Bern@t’s Flickr stream. Cole Camplese recently had a provocative post about open design that has me thinking about a few things that might frame some of the ideas that I think are key to imagining a loosely … Continue reading

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This ain’t yo mama’s e-portfolio, part 1

It’s been over a year now since my full-fledged burn, baby, burn conversation with Gardner Campbell about WordPress Multi-User, ELS Blogs, the Digital Five Ring Binder, and the underpinnings of re-imagining an online distributed space for teaching and learning that … Continue reading

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Don’t Call it A Blog!

Over the last month I was a proud member of two different presentations with the same title, “Don’t call it a Blog, Call it an Educational Publishing Platform.” The whole idea behind these presentations was to highlight the immense possibilities … Continue reading

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Gladly Eating Some Drupal Crow

Bill Fitzgerald has posted about a most impressive aggregator he put together with Drupal in about six hours. He documents the modules he used, and his creation slices and dices the content from various feeds in some really impressive ways. … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs & Middlesell Sittin’ In a Tree…

…R-S-S-I-N-G. I happened upon Middlesell early this morning (this site is an independent homepage for UMW students established by the inimitable Bobby Durette) only to discover that posts from around UMW Blogs are being fed into this space. How fascinating! … Continue reading

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The D’Arcy Norman Effect

From Alex Ragone’s post Not Drupal, WordPress MU (emphasis mine): So a few weeks ago I blogged about the Drupal installation I was going to create. I had a plan and began to implement it. I had installed Drupal in … Continue reading

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