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Day 110: Fuzzy Pumper

Well, it’s that time of year again, the time wherein we start pulling out the decorations of our minds and gearing up the imagination for Xmas, which we all know is right around the corner. So given how much fun … Continue reading

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Summer of Love: Evil Meatballs vs. Cat

While cruising around Plaid Stallions late at night, as I am wont to do, I discovered a feature of a new retro toy blog Evil Meatballs vs. Cat (I love their blog theme) they were running that is kind of … Continue reading

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Santa Cogdog

As some of you may know, I have been posting a boatload about toys over the past three or four months, I still have four more posts to write, but I wonder if this one isn’t a fitting end to … Continue reading

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Day 7: Star Wars Land Speeder

“These are not the droids you are looking for…” I must have uttered that famous Jedi mind trick phrase by kenobi a million times while playing with Kenner’s Land Speeder. And pound-for-pound this may have been the best of the … Continue reading

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Day 8: Star Wars Creature Cantina

While the Death Star was the first and most impressive of the Kenner Star Wars play sets, the second may have been even more special to me given the subject: the Mos Eisley Cantina. I mean let’s face it, given … Continue reading

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Day 9: Millennium Falcon

Catalog Description: (15) Star Wars Millennium Falcon Spaceship. Use with mini-figures (not incl.). Battle alert sound, landing gear folds up. Cockpit canopy opens. Entrance ramp folds down. Radar dish swivels 360 degrees. Rear deck area lifts off to expose laser … Continue reading

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Day 10: Fisher Price Play Family School House

I have no hard proof, but I have to believe that the Fisher Price School House was the most ubiquitous of the Play Family sets. it seemed like there was one of these in eery home, and the magnet letters … Continue reading

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Day 11: Fisher Price’s Sesame Street Clubhouse

I’ll let Cracklin Tulip’s Photos do the talking on this one…. Image credits: Cracklin Tulips’ “Sesame Street Clubhouse,” “Untitled 1” and “Untitled 2”

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Day 12: Play Family Village

Image credit Cracklin Tulip’s “Play Family Village Outside” I spent hours on end moving between the jail cell and the phone both, that is afer hanging out listlessly on the roof and putting out a fire or two.This was truly … Continue reading

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Day 13: Fisher Price’s Play Family “A” Frame

Image credit: Cracklin Tulip’s “Swiss-styled Chalet for the Little People” after that image, do I really need to say anything? Fisher Price may have made some of the best toys ever, and the “A” Frame is a brilliant example of … Continue reading

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