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UMW Blogs: Over 1 Billion Characters Served

Well, UMW Blogs is now on a dedicated server after a year of shared hosting to run over a thousand blogs. We are quickly approaching the 1500 blogs mark, and the database is 1.1 gigs with over 11,000 tables. Seems … Continue reading

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Faculty Academy Videos, or the beauty of our New Media Specialist

Faculty Academy posts will be streaming in irregularly as I grok this year’s amazing event. So much to say, but for the time being I’ll be relatively brief. This year’s conference was about many things, pushing the boundaries, going boldly, … Continue reading

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Night of the Living Republicans

Anand Rao put together this fun JibJab mashup as an added bonus for the lunch festivities. The main event was Faculty Academy’s first annual Deck Wars —which was a blast and has officially crowned its first annual champion: Jeff McClurken, … Continue reading

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Dr. Janet Murray’s unbelievably intelligent and thought-provoking talk, “Inventing the Medium: Learning and Symbolic Expression from Knucklebones and Senet to Second Life and Spore,” examined the historical role of games and game play upon the evolution of humanity, communication, and … Continue reading

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