UMW Blogs: Over 1 Billion Characters Served

Well, UMW Blogs is now on a dedicated server after a year of shared hosting to run over a thousand blogs. We are quickly approaching the 1500 blogs mark, and the database is 1.1 gigs with over 11,000 tables. Seems that once it starts approaching 5 or 6 gigs it might be time to start spreading the tables over several database to manage the load a bit better. More than that, the best dude in the universe, Zach Davis, informed me after the transfer to its new home that there were 1,181,116,010 characters of text! Wow, who knew? That is a lot of open content!

So, with all of this awesomeness, it’s high time I blogged UMW Blogs Begins, which was the opening presentation for this year’s Faculty Academy that I was fortunate enough to present alongside Gardner Campbell, Martha Burtis (by proxy), and Andy Rush. The presentation was a blast, it frames the experiments that led to UMW Blogs (Gardner and Martha), the state of the the application now (yours truly), and the future of this publishing platform (featuring the ever-subtle Andy “edu” Rush). Give it a spin, I think you’ll enjoy it, hippies!

UMW Blogs Begins


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3 Responses to UMW Blogs: Over 1 Billion Characters Served

  1. Congratulations! It’s heartening to read another institutional bloggery support success story.

  2. Joe says:

    I’ll take a double blog, extra comments, hold the spam, with a large CMS, to go.

  3. Reverend says:


    Yeah, UMW Blogs has been a ball, most fun I have had at any job ever. Hope it lasts 🙂

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