Talking Domains at DML2014

Below is a four minute video clip for the upcoming Digital Media & Learning Conference, “Connecting Practices.” The conference is in Boston from March 6-8, and I’ll be part of a featured panel alongside the great Jonathan Worth, of Phonar fame, titled “Open Technologies for Learning.” Philip Schmidt put this panel together, and I’m looking forward to starting to frame out more specifically how “Domain of One’s Own” is the ultimate open technology for learning. In the following preview of the discussion Howard Rheingold gets me going on a bit of domains tear, and there will problably be a lot more of that in March. I have to point out that Howard did not miss the chance to push ds106. He’s #4life! Did I mention I’m all domains all the time now?

DML2014: Jim Groom Discusses ‘A Domain of One’s Own’ from DML Research Hub on Vimeo.

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