Talking ds106 design with Ben Rimes and Cheryl Colan

In today’s session Bianca O’Blivion seems a bit delusional as to her role in the class, while Ben Rimes and Cheryl Colan were kind enough to talk with me about everything from ds106 design assignments to K-12 education (which I mean to follow up on) to a tutorial (which you can find here) for the Exquisite Corpse design assignment to different approaches to understanding and teaching digital storytelling (my favorite part of the discussion that I do want to follow up on). Special thanks to both Cheryl and Ben for taking time out of their busy schedules for an impromptu talk about whatever I threw at them, they are both extremely gracious and courageous.

Once again the 17+ viewers in live chat added another dimension to the live broadcast discussions as they always do, and we captured that here as well (thank you Andy Rush for both capturing the chat and uploading the video to YouTube—you’ve been huge, can’t thank you enough). It has taken a village to teach this class, and I am fortunate enough to live and work in the best one, bar none, online.

Finally, I must admit I am still a bit concerned how few of the UMW for-credit students are engaging these discussions in anyway. Whether that be watching them, skyping in, reflecting on them in posts, quick YouTube video responses, etc. But that is something we can address on Friday when I will meeting with each of the for-credit UMW students via Skype for a conference about your progress in ds106 thus far. You need to schedule your meeting with me at one of the available times listed in this wiki page as soon as possible. You can add your name next to a specific time by logging into the site and then click on the edit link and adding your name next to the time you would like to talk. I am jimgroom on Skype and this meeting is mandatory for all credit seeking students.


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3 Responses to Talking ds106 design with Ben Rimes and Cheryl Colan

  1. Ben says:

    Really enjoyed the conversation today, I had a sense that we probably could have gotten lost in a much deeper conversation without any time restrictions (and the impending boredom we were pushing upon the viewers). Per the conversation of education, I think there’s a LOT of room for competing ideologies in the Edu-space, and I feel that Tom and I probably agree on a lot of things in education, but I just may be a lot more optimistic in areas where he may be a bit more skeptical….which is great!

    • Reverend says:


      I agree, and I do want to resume that conversation because Tom is the one I talk most with about all these things and he is a tad skeptical. Having a bit of optimism is a brand new thing for me in this regard, and I want to pursue it. There is an open mic on for just these kind of conversations on Fridays—maybe then? Also, it would be fun to have TOm board ass well if he isn’t too busy gnashing his teeth and shaking violently 😉 Paging Bionic Teacher, paging Bionic Teacher.

  2. Ben says:

    Late to reply, but I’m VERY interested in having that conversation, just not today….taking the kids to the museum 🙂

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