Talking Reclaim Hosting with Lauren Brumfield on #ds106radio

Last week I talked with Lauren Heywood and Bryan Mathers on , and I had a blast both times. I started thinking why aren’t we doing more of this at Reclaim Hosting given and Reclaim go together like chocolate and peanut butter. So last week to the day Lauren Brumfield and I took over the airwaves for an hour or so and chatted about all things and Reclaim, and it was fun!

What’s more, it was cool to see Lauren get some much deserved love from listeners, it’s all true! We spent a fair amount of time talking about the culture at Reclaim Hosting, and how that has been a strength. But I will let the audio tell the story, and I highly recommend it cause you can hear firsthand how and why Lauren has been so crucial to the success of Reclaim Hosting. Enjoy!

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