The ds106 99: #48 Window to the soul

Blade Runner: It is all about the eyes!

Blade Runner: Priss doll


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5 Responses to The ds106 99: #48 Window to the soul

  1. Reverend says:

    This one is way too big at 4.3 MBs, but I still haven’t mastered the compression in GIMP. I’m gonna try a series of eye animated GIFs from Blade Runner, hopefully I’ll get better. I may even redo this one, but I have the early 90s DVD release of this film, and as you can see the quality is terrible for that transfer.

  2. scottlo says:

    Compression and file sized be damned – this animated GIF still freaks me the “F” out. At first I thought it was an old Betamax transfer.

    But I think you nail the beauty of this whole dsmayday digital storytelling flotilla: it’s a chance to learn by doing.

    For me, I’ve been wanting to try these tools and techniques out for ages and am grateful for the inspiration/example you and so many other ds106ers provide.

  3. Reverend says:


    Animated GIFs are addicting, I recommend you try them out with your class. They are easy to do with MPEG Streamclip and GIMP (both free) and if you want a tutorial for the #hypfla folks say the word and I’ll do it ASAP. Brian Lamb was saying on your drunk radio show that animated GIFs got the ds106 blood flowing, and he is totally right. They are simply fun to do!

  4. “Accelerated decrepitude.”

  5. Reverend says:


    You are obviously a Blade Runner fan, as well anyone with a pulse should be. So beautiful, it is, so beautiful!

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