The ds106 99: #59 “Who the hell is THEY?!”

The Wild Bunch" Who the hell is THEY?!

This is a classic scene from The Wild Bunch, and while Edmund O’Brien isn’t all that pretty in this film, he is awesome as the “old goat” tag along who epitomizes the hard life of a bandit past his prime. What’s more, he may have the most memorable line of the whole film—and there are many, many great ones so this is no small praise. I figured I would catch him with his last “THEY?!” —not a pretty animated GIF, but a meaningful one to any fan of The Wild Bunch—I mean the crazy teeth and stained beard alone keep me coming back. One day I hope to be an old, grizzled has-been edtech in the spirit of Edmund O’Brien as old man Sykes. If you haven’t heard his monologue on “THEY,” take a minute and educate yourself why don’t you.

They? Who the hell is THEY?!

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  1. Thommy A says:

    Love it! ?

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