This Week in ds106: A Video Intro tour de force

Tonight I introduced my section of ds106 to the video section of the course. The assignments, videos, and resources referred to above can be be found in the assignment post for weeks 9 & 10 here.

I had a good class because I could stop pretending discussion is the only way,  and focus on things I wanted to talk about like how important Andy Rush’s video resources will prove the next two weeks, how amazing Rob Ager’s video essay analysis of The Shining truly is; why the first seven minutes of Fritz Lang’s M is magic,  a brief and imperfect overview of MPEG Streamclip, the wonders of the Internet Archive, and more. I love tour de force classes like tonight’s, but on Thursday we switch it up and everyone will be coming in with their laptops and some downloaded video footage ready to do a focused editing workshop. The stakes are high in ds106 over the next two weeks, intensive video work, but I am all about accommodation—so if you have time issues, etc., let me know.

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