This Week in ds106: Archiving and the Digital

Last night I went on roughly an hour and fifteen minute rant during this session about archiving and the digital. It was all over the place, covering everything from Wikipedia to Tupac to the Numa Numa Guy to Star Wars. I end with my firm belief that archiving is an immensely creative act, and it is where much of the impetus of all that is good on the web comes from.

This Week in ds106: Archiving from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.

I used the following site as a reference point (which I have to update):

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2 Responses to This Week in ds106: Archiving and the Digital

  1. Cole says:

    Jim … here is a link to a story about one of our librarians at PSU who (along with my disruptive technologies co-instructor, Scott McDonald) thinks a lot about these long term challenges.

  2. Reverend says:


    That is a brilliant resources, thanks for this. I will be including it in the write-up for personal archiving, and one thing we are trying to do to control the kipple of ds106 is provide free web hosting for them after the class. I’ll be writing about that shortly 🙂

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