Three Amigos

Image of my three kids

Create a photograph that represents the happiest or most memorable moment in your life.

This is a photo I took back in May of 2011. I chose it for today’s Daily Create because it represents the fundamental shift my life underwent over the last seven years. With each one of these maniacs I feel a sense of joy and wonder that I had never experienced before. All the lost moments come welling up while simply looking at them which in turn leads me down a gauntlet of emotions from joy to dread to outright terror. In many ways the nebulous idea of happy is inextricably linked to each one of them for me, but that is only one emotion that is wrapped up in a relationship that is emotionally all-encompassing. So, for me, it’s the moment of their arrival, the moments of their being, the moment I continue to try and come to terms with and understand the transformative shift in my worldview as a result of the arrival of these little freaks!

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3 Responses to Three Amigos

  1. Alan Levine says:

    This is one stunning portrait; at the technical level it serves as a great example of using the upward camera angle effectively (our usual angle if seeing kids is looking down, shifted like this they are powerful figures).

    More than that, having had the chance to be around these guys is that their essence is beaming in their faces. You have much to be proud of, Pappy!

  2. Ben Harwood says:

    Beautiful post and picture, Jim. You’re a lucky man. And, I can relate!

  3. Awesome pic of a happy family. I didn’t fully grok the transformative perspective tilt that occurs the first time you hold one of these little guys in your arms until I was holding one in my arms for the first time. An exhilarating mixture equal parts elation and terror. The pic makes me curious as to what is drawing the attention of 2/3rds of your little subjects, which adds a nice touch of playful intrigue to the photo.

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