The Changing Role of Instructional Technologists

Almost a month ago to the day Gardner Campbell and I hooked up at the EDUCAUSE Southeast Regional Conference to talk about “Supporting Faculty Adoption of Emerging Technologies.” Gardner got me into the UMW racket and is always an intense source of inspiration, energy, and relentless intellectual generosity. So, I have edited down the original audio file of our presentation to our discussion which runs twenty five minutes long. I also included the twenty minutes of Q&A discussion for posterity.

I always enjoy walking in Gardner’s presentation footsteps because his fun and free-wheeling abundance of imagination always gets me going. And with the conversational style of this presentations (we were in armchairs!) the ability to focus on sitting and talking about ideas without slides, the internet, or some other kind of perpetual motion machine was quite a nice change.

Truth be told, I had a lot of fun stealing from Brian Lamb yet again by re-working a conversation we had about the rapidly changing role of an instructional technologist from someone who is concerned with programming, tools, and hardware to someone who needs to be thinking about and engaged in online communities for teaching and learning. Anyway, enjoy!

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  1. Brad says:

    I pity the fool who’s gonna edit my Wikipedia article? Wow. I wish I had been at this conference, though a.) probably wouldn’t have been allowed in, & b.) probably wouldn’t have been able to resist jumping on stage (or in armchairs) right alongside you guys. This is great stuff! I love thinking back on that FilmTextCulture class & realizing, in hindsight, what a strangely giant step it was in the face of contemporary education. I had been part of the spark that inflamed a movement! Gardner Campbell was like the Rosa Parks of educational technology! & I was outside his jail cell with picket signs waving! Very cool things you are guys are saying, I dig it.

  2. lucychili says:

    caring and doubting
    listening imagining
    trying and sharing.

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