UMW featured in ELI’s 7 Things about New Learning Ecosystems

UMW is featured in this month’s Seven Things You Should Know Series by ELI focusing on Navigating the New Learning Ecosystem. What’s interesting is that this is not the first time UMW has been featured in the 7 Things series, in fact it’s the fourth time since 2009. We were featured in the article on PLEs, WordPress, and MOOCs —and that is certainly cool and I am excited and all that. But what confounds me is whenever UMW staff and faculty submit presentations to ELI’s annual conference we seem to be on the pay-no-mind list. If we’re the innovators ELI seems to regularly have said we are again and again for the last three years—and I think we are all that and more—then start showing us a little love.

UMW is kicking major ass in the Instructional Technology field right now—and has been for years, no circling the drain here—and the Domain of One’s Own is going to turn it all up to eleven. If you want to spotlight a university CIO right now, turn your eyes to UMW’s Justin Webb who has the vision and willingness to experiment with all this and actually make it happen at Mary Washington. Is ELI looking for a Rookie of the Year instructional technologist? Get a load of the work Tim Owens has done to bring the pieces for a domain of one’s own together for this to be a more than just a dream—all this while balancing live video streaming on the cheap and makerbot madness! There is a new Sheriff in town when it comes to instructional technologies, and her name is UMW’s DTLT. RESPECT OUR AUTHORITAY!

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