UMW’s Faculty Academy: the (Un)Common University

It’s that time again, and the bava is gonna start up its annual marketing campaign for Faculty Academy, which is without question the best conference bang for your buck ’cause it’s absolutely free!  Not only can you catch some of the most innovative work in educational technologies happening anywhere in higher ed, but you can also engage a wide-range of faculty from just about every discipline on their particular projects. Moreover, we were fortunate enough to land a stellar line-up of invited speakers: James Boyle, Laura Blankenship, and Cole Camplese. The theme this year is The (Un)Common University, which is very much premised on the future of openness in higher ed. And for those of you interested in the wide-range of work happening on UMW Blogs, this conference provides a perfect opportunity to hear how this educational publishing platform has helped us re-imagine ideas of openness for a public, liberal arts university like Mary Washington.

So, save the dates: May 13th & 14th at the University of Mary Washington. And be sure to register here soon, because depending on demand we might need a bigger boat 🙂

Finally, special kudos to Martha Burtis for organizing a killer line-up and designing the best Faculty Academy site yet.  She rocks!

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10 Responses to UMW’s Faculty Academy: the (Un)Common University

  1. Martha says:

    Aw, shucks.

    Seriously, I’m very excited about the conference this year — the speakers are great and our faculty have some very exciting stuff to show!

  2. Alan Levine says:

    Yearly jealousy. FA rocks! Great lineup.

  3. Brad says:

    Are students allowed to attend? I would love to see some of these presentations.

  4. Reverend says:


    I agree, it’s gonna be a good one.

    Talking about jealousy, I saw your recent images from the tropics, no there is an event to yearn fro.

    Absolutely, but I think you and I should do a presentation on a Domain of One’s Own, you game?

  5. Brad says:

    Yes. Yes, please. Definitely. We’ll need to get the project more solidified, I feel, but I would be down. Yes.

  6. Steven Egan says:

    I have but one question, “Will it be syndicated?”

  7. Cole says:

    Does this mean I can bring a PSU colleague?

  8. Reverend says:


    Absolutely, bring the gang, we won’t be able to fund them because we are poor, but if they can travel down with you it’s all open arms. 🙂

  9. Cole says:

    No funding required! Looks like Brad is strongly considering making the trip! Perhaps we can do a little edu-blogger con planning while we are there. See you soon.

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