“Video Killed the Radio Star” at Reclaim Hosting

Lauren posted about this back in January when we first got the art because she is better than me, but Reclaim Hosting‘s site has undergone a subtle re-branding from vinyl to VHS. We launched the new art for our site back in April when we unveiled the Reclaim Video project at OER18. The idea is that the shelf is getting a bit more cluttered 🙂 Next to the vinyl you have those upstart VHS tapes demand some of the real estate. The new logo is a VHS tape, but if you look close enough, all the elements of the vinyl are still there, which was quite brilliant on Bryan Mathers part—surprise, surprise.

The tape is now replacing the record on the site, but the easter egg is still fully operational:

The art is pretty much inline with our aesthetic, so perhaps rebranding is too strong a characterization—but it does feel like a new look for me. I particularly like the way shared hosting packages are re-imagined:

Almost works better than the albums, and the single VHS tape with a blank label is something we still need to play with. Bryan worked on a tool that would basically right a URL on the label, something like this:

Or even better , this 🙂

So, when you create your site for the first time at Reclaim Hosting the splash page could be this VHS tape with your domain name 🙂 This might be something we need to return to sometime soon. As usual, I am completely enamored with Bryan Mathers handy work, and it is the collaboration that just keeps on giving.

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4 Responses to “Video Killed the Radio Star” at Reclaim Hosting

  1. Tom says:

    I didn’t explain this well.

    Essentially this is an attempt to make the label maker look via just CSS.

    It’ll also use URL parameters to fill out the label or you can write text in the text box.

    For example- https://codepen.io/twwoodward/full/pVLavy/?title=BAVA
    Should show ‘BAVA’ on the label.

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