Vinylcast #39: Man or Astro-Man?’s Experiment Zero

The idea was simple enough, broadcast a record over ds106radio and ds106tv. I mean I have been around this block before, but nothing comes easy when you are mass communicatin’. I had been trying to figure out an issue I already wrote about with Mutify to clean-up my incessant mouse clicks while broadcasting on the radio and TV, turns out some of that playing around has come back to haunt me in the form of a beeping sound every thirty seconds when the turntable USB cable was plugged in. I’ll save the gory details for a follow-up post, but suffice to say my attempt to broadcast a #vinylcast was thwarted by my attempt to clean-up my broadcasting act. What did Bruce say? One step forward, two steps back…

Anyway, after figuring out and getting rid of the incessant beeping noise every 30 seconds, I was able to get back online and broadcast Man or Astro-Man‘s third studio album Experiment Zero from 1996. I picked it up in Los Angeles at Amoeba Records last November, and the album cover and inserts are everything.

I talked a bit about a Man or Astro-man? alarm clock I coveted in the 1990s, but no image is readily available, so apologies. But it was still the most awesome merch I have ever seen, basically a kids alarm clock like the click Batman and Robin version, but this one with an astronaut battling with a psychedelic scifi space monster—truly epic. I am glad to say the vinylcam was pretty seamless, there was a brief issue with the  “press button to activate movie shooting” message, but I am working on resolving that. The good part is the audio was consistent, and while the radio crashed, the video stream did not. So, as I have learned recently, you can never have too many streams ? We are living the scifi moment Man or Astro-man? could only dream of in their scifi surf punk philosophy.

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  1. Eric Likness says:

    The ONE track I always remember from College Radio was, “Nitrous Burnout”. With that long, solemn monologue from Evel Knievel. I learned much later that was lifted from a film that he starred in back in the mid-70s. Anyways that monolgue ends and the wall of noise begins.

    “,.. so that the cars go faster. And the DO, for 5-10 laps. Then they blow all to hell,…” cue motorcycle engines, cue loud guitars.

  2. Eric Likness says:

    Very nearly missed the opportunity to link to the wikipedia entry:! (the quote is included in that article)

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