Viva Knievel! Instantly

Andy Rush has already blogged about Netflix Instant Video (what a man, what a man!), but I haven’t used it because I didn’t have Windows XP installed on my Mac Book Pro (it’s not Mac OS friendly).

Screenshot of Netflix Watch Instantly

My two-cents to add to Andy’s post is that it notifies you when one of the movies in your queue can be watched immediately. I was pleasantly surprised by this feature today when I was updating my queue with yet another movie I discovered from Jon Beasley-Murray’s examination of Latin American film in the Hollywood imagination on his Projections blog (an unbelievably cool academic film blog that I will be discussing in more detail soon). So, thanks go to Jon for providing a theoretical framework for watching these films and Netflix for some instant gratification love. I’ll be happily watching Viva Knievel! tonight from the comfort of my laptop.

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4 Responses to Viva Knievel! Instantly

  1. I hate how limited the view instantly selection is, but on the other hand it has got me renting a couple things I’ve been meaning to rent forever but never have.

    For instance watch Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and be amazed at the brilliance of Russ Meyer (and Roger Ebert, scriptwriter!).

    Although, don’t expect to get busy with the significant other after watching it. There are things in that movie that will kill your sex drive for a week.

    Incidentally I got the bumper sticker! It arrived with 52 cents postage due. Worth it though!

  2. jimgroom says:


    Sorry about the postage due, that is my bad! I sent it with a 43 cent stamp, not thinking it would be more. And all the others were sent out a day later, when I learned it was 95 cents. I’ll have to buy you some Now and Laters or Razzles or something when we finally meet up.

    I agree with you entirely about the view instantly collection, which is why this feature is so useful. Otherwise you can only browse and not search the collection and the titles are extremely uneven to say the least. Good to know that Beyong the Valley of the Dolls is an option, espeically when I am looking for some organic birth control.

  3. Shannon says:

    Just commenting on this because its really bizarre that two days after you blogged about the Evel Knievel movie that he passed away!
    Does the Rev have the power to predict the future? Just don’t blog about me anytime soon haha.

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