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Rotisserie Chicken

Yesterday was a fairly quiet April Fool’s Day. I didn’t see much on Twitter, didn’t read any scam newspaper articles/ads, and the folks on UMW’s campus didn’t seem to be feeling it either. That’s fine with me. Good pranks are … Continue reading

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My Friend Max

Back in Fall I got a PS3 at home, we also go a HD television which replaced by 27″ tube after more than 15 years of hard work. On principle I hate how home theaters have eroded cinema culture, but … Continue reading

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Le Professionnel (1981)

Anto and I continue our focus on French films, this time we moved from the early 1970s to the early 1980s, and I must admit that the 80s aesthetic is far cheesier—which is one of the many reasons I loved … Continue reading

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Bava does S&M

I watched Mario Bava’s The Whip and the Body (1963) last night, and I found it rather provocative, or should I say evocative? 🙂 I hadn’t yet seen this “lost classic” of Bava’s, and I finally talked Antonella into watching … Continue reading

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I couldn’t watch Crash 1x, no less 3x

As a general disclaimer, I couldn’t make it through the terrible film Crash (2004) once, no less three times. Therefore please disregard the bug in my Netflix widget that seems to be an act of sabotage on what little film … Continue reading

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Viva Knievel! Instantly

Andy Rush has already blogged about Netflix Instant Video (what a man, what a man!), but I haven’t used it because I didn’t have Windows XP installed on my Mac Book Pro (it’s not Mac OS friendly). My two-cents to … Continue reading

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