Wire 106: S02E12 “Port in a Storm”

This week Wire 106 has been a bit hectic between my being away in NYC and then getting sick on my return. Which was further complicated by the fact we are now starting a two week odyssey into radio shows straddled across Fall Break. So, Paul and I decided to do the episode conversations this week by ourselves. This week we assigned Season 2, Episode 12 of The Wire, “Port in a Storm,” as well as the DVD commentary on this episode with producer Karen Thorson and editor Thom Zimny. So in this conversation we discuss both the final episode of Season 2 and their commentary.

What’s interesting about their discussion is how it turns out to be a eulogy for the executive producer, actor, and visual director of the series Robert Colesberry. He tragically died shortly after Season 2 ended due to complications during surgery. “Port in a Storm” was his directorial debut, on top of all the other work he did for the series up to that point. Both Thorson and Zimny laud his achievements, which include providing the series with its filmic vision. What I just discovered after quickly researching Thorson is that she was married to Colesberry, making her commentary on this episode that much more intense.

I’ll be sad to see season 2 go, but I still owe myself a post on the technology in Season 2. Wait for it…..

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