Yo, Drupal, what’s up with you!

I’m sorry, but the Cog Dog put me up to it!

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6 Responses to Yo, Drupal, what’s up with you!

  1. yo, rev. it really doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game… we use Drupal “officially” but I just recommended a prof send his 1400 students to WordPress.com to mimic the opencontentdiy stuff (oh – that reminds me…)

    funny clip, though. The Rev. as a pimp daddy… 🙂

  2. jimgroom says:

    Now D’Arcy, you know I’m just having fun. The real motivation here is that I haven’t gotten a comment from you in a while, and I knew this baited epistle (maybe even a love letter?) would inspire you.

    P.S. -A while in this case being two days or so 🙂

  3. jimgroom says:


    But more to the point, 1400 students!!! that is just about half the population at UMW. Now I know the myriad reasons why you won;t like the suggestion I’m about to give, namely: Hosting all these blogs

  4. Managing 1400 students work
  5. Creating labor where their may not be any need for it
  6. Breaking with the SMPLJ montra, which is a very good one
  7. That being duly acknowledged, would you, and by extension UCalgary, consider creating WPMu install and trying to host these blogs. Why? Well, I know the business we are in is not hosting, but I wonder if having these blogs on one install might present some really interesting possibilities for playing with feeds, aggregation, tagging, etc. I know there are other ways to skin this cat, but I would really like to see a way to have students add feeds to a drop-down menu of classes in WPMU and then have the install itself aggregate these out to sections, classes, etc, yet still allow for some interesting cross-pollination of posts. Having a designated install may allow for some interesting experiments, it may not, and it may be a lot more hassle then it is worth, but then again -who’s better than you, D’Arcy. I mean, I had said it at NV, nd I’ll return to it here, couldn’t we find a way to wrap Drupal around a WPMu install for self-service entry of feed URLs, and more sophisticated create of OPML files, feed categories, etc.?

    Regardless, we have some work to do with wordpress.com, and this is an amazing reason to start, 1400, huh, wow -you’re my hero, as usual.