You teach from where you are

Sometimes I miss the classroom, but I find that is becoming less and less a concern these days. I’m beginning to realize more and more that you teach from where you are, and I’m deep in the blog right now. I received the following note today, and it went a long way towards confirming these feelings. What is even cooler is that it was focused on of my nostalgic post about Clash of the Titans of all things, how perfect!

Subject: Just thanks

Message: Hi Mr. Groom –
I read your essay on *Clash of the Titans*, part of which (the iconic
Medusa scene) I intend to show my college class in Greek and Roman
Myth this afternoon. I wanted some ideas for ways to discuss the
scene that will bring the students beyond blasting the special
effects, and your essay was really helpful. Nice analysis, and thanks
from a fellow fan!
Best wishes to you,

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  1. Conversely… can also learn from where you are!
    Imagine no need for brick and mortar institutions at all….it’s not that far off.

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