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Tim pointed me to Matt Mullenweg’s post back in May that WordPress now owns the top level domain .blog. Seems like it cost them $20 million, which seems a ton—but it points to the big business that is the TLD industry … Continue reading

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Multimedia Projects: A Blog/Wiki Mashup

This semester professor Mara Scanlon and I decided at the very last minute to experiment a bit with the multimedia projects she had assigned the students in her Contemporary Poetry and Asian American Literature courses. Here is the multimedia project … Continue reading

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My mother? Let me tell you about my mother….

Thanks to Zach Davis for the pointer to the brilliant blog “If we don’t, remember me.” it’s a concept blog that only has animated gifs from scenes of iconic films that somehow seem to capture the spirit of the movies they come … Continue reading

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Archiving ain’t easy: bringing old one-off WP sites into WPMu

Every Summer we try and both update and archive some of the old projects we have on the various Bluehost accounts we have done over the last 3 or 4 years. It is a painstaking process, and when you have … Continue reading

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Citizen Groom

Why do I like returning to NYC for events like CUNY WordcampEd? Well, for one I get treated like the Citizen Kane of Educational Technology which ain’t no small thing.  CUNY is currently constructing a Xanadu just for me! What … Continue reading

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“Open is always outward facing”

Last Wednesday I had a discussion with Philipp Schmidt, Ahrash Bissell, and Dave Humphrey for the second seminar of the Mozilla Open Education course. This discussion was designed to focus on four different case studies, but unfortunately Wayne Macintosh and … Continue reading

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Wonder Twins activate, form of “Write To Reply”

I just wanted to applaud Tony Hirst and Joss Winn for the amazing work they are doing with Write to Reply. These two British cats did nothing short of re-imagine the possibilities for an open, accessible discourse around documents that … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs wants you!

I wrote a post over at UMW Blogs that introduces a new feature allowing anyone at UMW to highlight a post or blog from around the community. I tried this over a year ago, but it was on a blog … Continue reading

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Wiki Inc plugin changes the labor of documentation

I don’t think I have made this clear enough, so let me repeat it. The WIKI Inc plugin, developed by Enej Bajgoric at UBC, may very well change the way you look at publishing support documentation. I just remembered that … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs: It’s official?!

Well, after almost a year and a half of solid publishing and more than 30,000 posts, UMW Blogs has finally got frontpage link real estate on the UMW Homepage. I guess we’re kind of official, now if we could just … Continue reading

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