Zombies and Flamethrowers

Just in case you thought there was no real film basis for the flamethrowing zombie presentation I did with Tom last November, here it is:

This above series of edited scenes from Night of the Creeps (1986) actually pairs the vision of zombies and flamethrowers beautifully. It’s also an all out zombie attack of the fraternity boys and sorority girls. And while it’s not available on DVD—and probably never will be—you can get it here thanks to Cultra Rare.

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8 Responses to Zombies and Flamethrowers

  1. Martin says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen Night of the Creeps. I am ashamed for myself and all my family. Whose the guy with the cigar – he was in _all_ these films.

  2. Chris L says:

    You can also get it at FEAR.net – http://www.fearnet.com/movies/index.html

  3. Steven Egan says:

    I am reminded of the brain leach/parasite from one of the Star Trek movies.

    I thought you were a zombie purist Jim. This is disappointing. Condemning the virus variety and sharing parasite zombies? For shame. For shame. 😛

  4. Mike Bogle says:

    @Steven – During times of extreme stress I find myself quoting Chekov over and over again:

    “They put creatures in our ears…”

    I’m pretty sure it was the Star Trek with the Genesis Device where Khan traps them in the underground station.

    As far as the flamethrowing zombie presentation goes, it is now the benchmark against which all others are compared. Best one ever.

  5. Martin says:

    Hadn’t come across Fearnet before Chris – thanks for the tip.

  6. Steven Egan says:

    @Mike – I believe you are correct. I know it was Khan, in a little room with Kirk and a couple other crewmen.

  7. The Wikipedia entry says that Sony will release an official DVD in October of this year, citing http://www.shocktillyoudrop.com/news/topnews.php?id=10122

  8. Reverend says:


    There goes my theory and here comes the MPAA 🙂

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