7-5-11 Live Broadcast on ds106radio, audio assignments, and our radio show

Here is the link to today’s broadcast on justin.tv, I am currently waiting on access to upload today’s video to a YouTube that can handle videos longer than 15 minutes—mine can’t for obvious reasons 😉 So, if you want to watch it immediately use the link below—and forgive the 30 second commercial. [The YouTube version has now been included in this post for posterity.] Also, as I mentioned in Thursday’s email, all episodes are on the justin.tv ds106 tv account immediately after the session. So, if you need to watch them sooner than these emails get to you, then you always have justin.tv as an alternative option.

Update: Here is the live chat transcript from this session. Also, here is the list of links to the assignments discussed as well as previous radio shows, bumpers, etc.

In today’s video we talked about ds106radio with Bryan Jackson, The Followers of the Apocalypse, and Mikhail Gershovich. All of our guests today are practitioners in this distributed radio station that was born out of the energies of the open, online course during the Spring semester version of ds106 (special thanks to Grant Potter—for masterminding the architecture). To find out more about listening and broadcasting on ds106 radio go here: http://bit.ly/radio4life.

The second half of the class was dedicated to review some of the impressive audio assignments a number of folks in the class had created over the long weekend (see the list of featured assignments here). There’s a lot of great stuff, and these assignments are designed to prepare you for what’s to come, the ds106radio show that this class will create. To that end we need to pick a theme. In order to do this I have created a Google form where I am asking each of you to submit a theme for the radio show, the limitations is it has to be somehow related to Summer (this is a way to focus the themes). Martha Burtis’s course already used “Dog Days of Summer” as a theme so that is out, what else do you got? Go here to add a theme, this must be done by midnight tonight (EDT).

Finally, first thing tomorrow morning there will be another email from me asking you to vote on the themes, the one with the most votes will be the organizing theme for our show and I will announce it during the live broadcast tomorrow. Also, I will spend most of tomorrow’s broadcast explaining the details of the radio show, i.e., how it will be organized, deadlines, etc. But I will also throw it out there now, I would like to have two or three people who will be willing to help live broadcast/MC the course radio show early next week.

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