Dr. O’Blivion speaks through song

Thanks to Shannotate I think we now have more clues about Dr. O’Blivion’s mysterious disappearance and his whereabouts:

Doc Oblivion “Speaks!” by Shannon Nicole Swanson

The Dickie Goodman’s “Break-In” audio assignment is a blast, thanks Laura Blankenship! Here is another great one by Kinzie Brooks featuring an interview with Santa Claus:

Santainterview by kinziebrooks

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One Response to Dr. O’Blivion speaks through song

  1. Araba Bky says:

    Lol. omg i love this. Excellent choice of songs. Too bad he didn’t tell us who to keep fighting. He said it was a family member so we can eliminate Jim Groom as a list of suspects.

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