A New Low for Reclaim

Support for January 2016

In the last 4 weeks we managed to reduce our first response time for new tickets yet another minute. It’s only gonna get harder to do from here on out. I’ve been writing about our support a bit because I have the numbers, and I’m particularly proud of the average time for the last 4 weeks because the beginning of the spring semester is one of our busiest times of the years. We’ve been on our A-game. As I joked on Twitter earlier, I’m taking all complaints about our support on Twitter…

And the same goes for the comments of this blog. !

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2 Responses to A New Low for Reclaim

  1. If you guys were any faster, you would be answering my questions before I even ask them. Which would be weird. And creepy.

  2. Reverend says:


    Yeah, I agree, we may have to relax a bit. It’s almost become like a game 🙂

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