A Radio of One’s Own: an Interview with Taylor Jadin on #ds106radio

This past Friday I had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Taylor Jadin on ds106radio. Taylor is an instructional technologist at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin, a school that has been tearing up Domains 🙂 I wanted to chat with Taylor about some experimenting he’s been doing to spin up his own radio station using Azuracast on Digital Ocean. I have been playing with this same thing, and I thought what Taylor had done was so slick I wanted to know more. Particularly, I was interested in not only why he was doing it, but how. Tim had mentioned that Taylor was using a script to seamlessly spin up and down a Digital Ocean Droplet using their API in order to only pay for the service when he want to stream. This pay only for what you use model can be much more cost effective, and was the promise of AWS when it arrived on the scene. The idea of spinning up and down apps only for when you need them has been something Tony Hirst has been pushing on for a while now, and so hearing Taylor figure it out for this project was fun. He linked to the script on Github with all the appropriate disclaimers and caveats 🙂

It was a lot of fun to talk to Taylor not only cause his radio project is near and dear to me, but also because it highlights the best kind of instructional technology in my mind. Randomly working with the college radio station to figure out to stream the station more affordably which then leads to his own radio project that in turn results in his exploration of Digital Ocean, one-click container apps that open up a brave new world of edtech for both him and the faculty and students he works with on campus. Something listener Hank Soda referred to as popupedtech, and I love that image:

In fact, Tim’s tweet while listening to Taylor talk about popupedtech re-enforced some of the work that has come together quite quickly with the next iteration of Reclaim’s offerings.


Taylor, like quite a few other folks I’ve been talking to recently on the ds106radio, represent a new generation of educational technologists the fill me with hope and a sense of possibility. So, with that here is the conversation, which clocks in at under an hour, which is a refreshing change given how damn long-winded I always am on the radio, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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  1. Grant says:

    Lifted that “Pop-Up Edtech” from this conversation between Anne-Marie and Tannis https://ammienoot.com/brain-fluff/pop-up-ed-tech-trust-and-ephemerality/

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